If it snowed solidly for a week in #Manchester, what would you do?

Weird weather has become normal. The hottest this, the driest that, the wettest other. We’re not predicting that there will be a week of snowing in Manchester this winter. But we do reckon it would be irresponsible not to be ready for that happening, given what happened to the Arctic sea ice this summer, and the general unpredictability we’re seeing.

Last night, at the latest Steady State Manchester meeting, we asked groups of people to talk through what they will do to prepare themselves and make themselves useful members of their community.

The list is a little rough but over the coming weeks it will be refined…. If YOU have ideas, comments, please let us know, via the comments box!

Seven Days of Snow – preparations?

Lobby government re: fuel poverty
Make a “snowday” plan with your employers
Manchester disaster centrers and volunteers
Stockpile provisions (which ones?)
Get climate change angle acknowledged by media
Bathe in ice to harden up [we think this one is sarcastic!]
Volunteer for good neighbour groups
Form “good neighbour” groups
Learn a music instrument [?]
Form groups to clear snow
Discussion re: fuel/energy use and alt tech
Engage the elders
Simple tools!!!
Publicise best practice from Canada/Scandinavia
Know your neighbour BEFORE the disaster
Information and resources – where are they locally
Visit neighbours
Prepare for subsequent floods

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