Event – We need to talk about growth

Growth of the economy is generally taken to be an unqualified measure of success, but scientists from a range of disciplines are asking whether we might already have had too much of a good thing. Meanwhile, political economists are returning to the fundamental question of what the economy is for and what the consequences of setting other goals might be. In Manchester, the City Council and civil society groups are considering the practicalities at a city scale and wondering if the financial crisis means that regional economies may struggle to return to economic growth in the long term.

This event, in a Question Time format, brings together a panel of experts and policy makers to answer your questions and discuss the key issues.

Thurs 1 st Nov, 5-7pm, Roscoe Lecture Theatre B

If you’d like to submit a question in advance please email tyndall@manchester.ac.uk with “Growth” in the subject line.


Richard Sharland, Head of Environmental Strategy at MCC

Baron Frankal, Director of Economic Strategy, New Economy Manchester

Dr Alice Bows, Sustainable Consumption Institute.

Mark Burton, MMU & Steady State Manchester.

Dr Dan O’Neill, Centre for Advancement of the Steady State Economy & Leeds University

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4 Responses to Event – We need to talk about growth

  1. 100% organic intellectual says:
  2. Laurence Menhinick says:

    Worth listening to radio 4 podcast, from the programme “Analysis”
    Alternative economic cultures” 15th Oct
    “Professor Manuel Castells says the current financial crisis is more than just an economic downturn. The causes are so deep rooted that they have provoked a profound reassessment of our economic beliefs and institutions and given rise to new protest movements and economic cultures.”

  3. Paul says:

    I like this phrase “steady state economy”. For a while I have been kicking around the notion of “sustainable stagnation” – which probably means the same thing but just sounds, well, depressing. Yours is better.

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