Steady State Manchester Launch Event last night

The launch event for In Place of Growth, and Living Well was held last night, the 20 November at Manchester’s Mechanics’ Institute.  Around 80 people came (thanks to all of you!), and after hearing brief presentations on the two reports participated in discussions on the themes of money, education and culture.  There was a lot of interest and enthusiasm, and some largely constructive challenges and most people left us with their contact details and details of skills and knowledge they can offer the project of moving Manchester to a Steady State approach.  We even have a short video you can watch to get a flavour for the event.  We sold lots of copies of both reports (at cost price) so people are at this moment immersing themselves further in the issues.  We’ll be writing to people who left their details, and to those who didn’t make it.

Not everything went perfectly: for example, we had to split the finance discussion as there were so many people and this led to some lack of focus at first.  We didn’t do the best job in publicising the event to all the constituencies that we need to engage with, but we are well on our way having demonstrated that there is a groundswell of support for Steady State in Manchester.   You can give us feedback on the event via this link.

Our next steps will include further events, including a day workshop on In Place of Growth in late January (details to follow), and further reports on key sectors and issues.  First, though, we have a social event at On the 8th Day on Wed 12th December, from 5.30 to 7.00 and then to the Sandbar if there is still energy.

Thanks to Jonathan Atkinson for compering, and for the organisations that brought stalls – Action for Sustainable Living, Friends of the Earth, Carbon Coop, Didbsury Dinners and Manchester Climate Monthly.

Mark Burton

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