Workshop: In Place of Growth, next Saturday, 19th January.

Steady State #Manchester presents….
Still some places left

Saturday 19th January, 2013:  Workshop- 2-5.30pm
Everything you want to know about In Place of Growth
Methodist Central Hall, Oldham St., Manchester.  The workshop will, which will be participatory and activity-based rather than a ‘chalk and talk’ session.  It will be an opportunity to:

  •  Explore steady state economics
  •  Discuss the suggestions in the  report for developing steady state economics in Manchester
  • Add your ideas
  • Become more confident in explaining Steady State, and countering common misunderstandings.

You will be expected to have read the report beforehand.     IPOG report pic
Reports can be downloaded at
Late bookings – please email us to confirm that you will be coming.
Places are strictly limited to 25.  If oversubscribed, we’ll run it again.

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