Revitalizing local economies will require: messages that are positive, legitimate and tailored, proving real sources of well-being and using sources of empowerment and motivation as well as accountability.

Participants sharing outcomes at the In Place of Growth workshop on Thursday 13th of June 2013

Participants sharing outcomes at the In Place of Growth workshop on Thursday 13th of June 2013

A diverse group of people attended a Steady State Manchester workshop at the University of Manchester yesterday. Participants included academics, students, a local councillor, a religious leader as well as activists and citizens.

The workshop attempted to answer the question: ‘What new thinking and language do we need to revitalize local economies?’

Participants brought a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as their own questions to the challenge of shifting our local economy in ways which maximize well-being and social goods within ecological limits.

Common themes which emerged included considerations of the scale and global nature of these issues but also the potential for ‘population units’ or city regions to play a key role by building links, strengthening local capacity and coordinating environmentally appropriate regional infrastructure as well as by building resilient local economies which reduce inequalities and produce social and ecological prosperity.

A full summary of the outcomes of the workshop will follow shortly.

We would like to thank all the participants for coming and particularly Susan Brown for making it possible.

Steady State Manchester will be holding further workshops in coming months and are keen for previous participants to attend these to explore particular issues in more detail.

Register your interest in attending future Steady state Manchester Workshops by emailing:

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