Towards a Sustainable Economic System – Tuesday 23rd July 2013

a day workshop in central Manchester facilitated by researchers from nef (the new economics foundation)

Methodist Central Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JQ

For more information, contact

Register now –

Who is this workshop for

There are many organisations and individuals  in Manchester who are keen to learn about, and create a more equitable economy;. an economic system that is sustainable and provides adequately for all  rather than our existing model which is tightly bound to endless growth.

Why a workshop?

To bring some of these people together and provide resources and opportunities for collaboration and co-ordination

About nef
nef  have been working to develop an economics based on stability, sustainability and social justice for 25 years, and have for the past four years been developing a blueprint for a non-growth-based economic system and a map of how we might create it. For more information see

What will the workshop involve?
The workshop will provide an opportunity for 30-50 people from local organisations to:

  • become more familiar with nef research on economic myths such as “Austerity is the best way to reduce the deficit”, and learn ways to counter them
  • find out about how to change our economic system to one which minimises inequality and enables us to stay within ecological limits
  • gain access to tools and resources
  • network and strengthen their ability and networks for local and national campaigning
  • become part of a national network  of people working towards a sustainable and equitable economic system

The myth that cutting spending will reduce the deficit sits at the heart of the government’s economic strategy. But economic myths survive only as long as they go unchallenged. In the morning session we’ll explore how to successfully dismantle some of the key economic fictions of our time, including the myths that the government is using as the basis for the current assault on the welfare state, and find out how economic systems change, using the rise of neoliberalism as an example.
In the afternoon, we’ll look at how we can get from our current position to an economic system based on sustainability and social justice and discuss how we can build a movement capable of displacing neoliberalism, including ways that we can work together locally to boost each other’s capacity and influence.  This is a great opportunity to draw together activists from a range of organisations including yours to learn from nef and strengthen local and national collaboration and co-ordination.

How can you register?
You can register for the workshop at
We are asking attendees to pay £15 – £5 towards our costs, and £10 as a returnable deposit. If this is too expensive for you or your organisation, please let us know – we don’t want anyone to be excluded on grounds of cost.

Places are limited so please register as soon as possible and no later than 30th June

Many thanks for your support,

Jane Lawson, Pauline Lozoya Hocking, Ruth Rosselson, Justin Hellings, Judith Emanuel

NEF Workshop organizing group

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