Poll finished now and September date now 14th September where focus will be  Imagining Manchester where people thrive without harming the planet.  Thanks for voting!

We are planning two more In Place of Growth (IPOG) workshops – you are warmly invited to attend on Saturday 14th September 2013, 2-5pm & Wednesday 27th November 2013,  5.30-7.30pm.   Details to follow.

If you are thinking of coming, here’s your chance to help decide what the focus of the first one should be.  There are two options and there is a voting form below.  The poll closes on 15 July.

1) Campaigning for a Steady State Manchester; what is possible at a city level?
Before breaking down into world café style conversations, participants will have the opportunity explore 2-3  brief case studies outlining what other European cities with good practice have managed to achieve and what Steady State Manchester is currently trying to do.
2) Imagining Manchester where people thrive without harming the planet.
A major focus of IPOG workshops has been the challenge of effectively communicating with and influencing others about Steady State ideas. Would it help to have a clearer practical vision of what wellbeing within a culture of sustainable consumption would look like?  What might life be like on a day to day level?  What are appropriate aspirations for ourselves, our children and our city, if we want more equity and to live within ecological limits?
Working in small groups through practical steps, participants will think through their own and shared vision of what living well without harming the planet in Manchester could look like.


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1 Response to Help choose the topic for our next In Place of Growth workshop? #IPOG

  1. Would like to campaign for green spaces to be left in peace + buildings – to do so would be in line with lowering carbon emissions and councillors are aware from kevin anderson’s input on avoiding dangerous climate change that every detail matters. Let energy and investment instead go into local food production.

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