Register now for Towards a Sustainable Economic System Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Do you want to?

  • counter economic myths such as “Austerity is the best way to reduce the deficit”
  • find out about how to change our economic system to one which minimises inequality and enables us to stay within ecological limits
  • gain access to tools and resources
  • network and strengthen your  ability and networks for local and national campaigning
  • become part of a national network  of people working towards a sustainable and equitable economic system

 Come to a day workshop in central Manchester facilitated by researchers from nef (the new economics foundation)

Who is coming: Commitments so far include people from Equality North West, the Green Party, Church Action on Poverty, CLES, Climate Survivors, the Manchester Youth Council, MERCi, Socialist Environmental and Resources Association, Steady State Manchester, the Carbon Co-op, churches and many more

Register now at
We are asking attendees to pay £15 ; £5 towards our costs, and £10 as a returnable deposit. If this is too expensive for you or your organisation, please let us know – we don’t want anyone to be excluded on grounds of cost.

For more information see calendar on this website or e-mail, for more information

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