Rethinking prosperity: experiments in local economics

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Steady State Manchester is one of the sponsors for this free one day conference aimed at promoting new thinking and practice in reviving local economies, particularly in deprived areas of the North with an emphasis on decent jobs, equality and sustainability.  Please note that places will be limited so please book via the eventbrite link below.

Download the flyer with full details and draft programme.

Rethinking prosperity: experiments in local economics

14th November 2013, Manchester

The current economic ‘recovery’ offers little to the disadvantaged areas of the North which are likely to fall further behind and Westminster politics is not producing alternative policies which engage local and regional problems. At the same time, however, there is a ferment of new ideas and local experiment, though often with limited communication or networking between the actors. This conference will discuss and accelerate experiments on issues like procurement, housing retro-fit and food, by bringing together local government and civil society to share experiences and advertise possibilities of change which can be led by local actors. Together, these point the way to the kind of policies required for improved economic, social and ecological well-being.

This one day conference has been organised by CLES, CRESC, Equalities NW, MERCi and Steady State Manchester. It will be held at Bridge 5 Mill, Manchester and is open to those who wish to share ideas and find out how local economy experiments can make a difference. The provisional programme is given below. The day will include presentations from a variety of speakers from the North West and beyond with direct experience of local experiments. The sessions will focus on particular themes including local procurement, housing retrofit and integrated food experiments.  Overall, the event is intended to be a space for discussion and to facilitate the building of supportive networks among people working in similar ways.

Places are limited. If you would like attend please register at:

We will also have an exhibition space available during breaks and at the end of the day. We welcome interest from organisations that have been developing local economy experiments leading to employment and/or other aspects of improved wellbeing. Space will be available for those who are interested to display photographs and other materials about their project and to discuss it informally with conference participants. If you have a local economy experiment that you would like to showcase, please contact the organisers.

Julie Froud, CRESC, University of Manchester (

The conference venue is Bridge 5 Mill, just outside Manchester city centre and easily accessible by public transport. Full details of the Mill and how to find it can be found at:

There is no charge for this event. The organisers acknowledge the generous support of Enfield Council.

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