Why green growth won’t transform the economy | NewStart

Here is an excellent piece on the myth of green growth.

Why green growth won’t transform the economy | NewStart

As the author, Andre Reichel notes,

“…green growth is a myth, or at least an inadequate response to the challenges that lie ahead. Because it ignores the social, political and personal dimensions of sustainability, it can never cut deep enough into the structures of self and society to secure a solution to the crises that we face. …….
The central concept of green growth is ‘decoupling’: in other words, how to increase the efficiency of the economy by detaching production from its current heavy use of finite resources….

there’s no evidence that green growth leads to any ‘absolute’ decoupling or permanent reduction in ecological impact, whether through lower carbon dioxide emissions, reduced extraction of raw materials, or less biodiversity loss. Fuel consumption per miles travelled may be declining in [the German and UK] economies, but total consumption is growing; refrigerators may use less electricity, but there are far more of them in use and their combined ecological footprint is increasing. Growth is still growth, even if it is more energy efficient. In this sense, decoupling is also a myth”.  [SSM’s emphasis].

We said all this in our 2012 report, In Place of Growth – but it is very hard to get this fundamental problem across to those in positions of power.  While we do emphasise the positive aspects of the alternative, viable economy, we also need to find effective ways of making it crystal clear that there is no hiding place:  the economy is too big, and to grow it further is suicide – we have to find another way.

read the full piece:-  Why green growth won’t transform the economy | NewStart.

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