Our Priorities for 2015; Get Involved and Help us Achieve Them

In 2014 our focus as an organisation was developing our ideas for how to bring about a more fair and sustainable economy in Manchester and the wider region. We launched the Viable Economy, building upon our previous interventions, it is a pamphlet and a manifesto for an alternative approach to how the city and region could develop, in a way that is viable in all three of the social, economic and ecological domains.

This year, we will build on this by concentrating on sharing ideas for a Viable Economy with others, with a view to creating and advocating for policy, and promoting and learning from practice and examples which demonstrate aspects of the viable economy in action.

We aim to be more outward facing as an organisation, increase and broaden our public visibility and impact and connect with more and more diverse groups of people. In addition to having an impact in key areas of our economy and society.

Our core aim remains unchanged: to engage with decision-makers and the wider public within Greater Manchester to promote and support the understanding, and ultimately the implementation, of a Steady State Economy and Society.

This year we plan to:

Generate more interest and understanding of the viable economy

  • Increase the reach of our communications and engage with a broader range of groups, promoting understanding and debate about a viable economy.
  • Use available data about the GM Economy to communicate its flaws and how to pursue more viable economic development.
  • Develop a systematic strategy for influencing decision makers in GM.
  • Better develop how a viable economic strategy for the city region connects to social policy and specifically social care.

Generate more action around the viable economy

  • Follow up our scrutiny of the ethics and viability of Manchester City Council’s investments and explore mobilising funds for local/viable/ecological investments, including how fossil fuel divestment can be linked to re-investment in community owned energy.
  • Develop a spatial vision and agenda for developing the economy as a garden city and identify levers to bring it into being.
  • Influence improvements in working conditions and connect these to viable economic development.
  • Explore and help to facilitate the possible development of a local currency.

Measure what matters: economic, social and ecological well-being

  • We will make use of available data to report on the city regions well-being and prosperity and promote the use of better prosperity indicators by Local Government.

Develop as an organisation

  • Become more participative, open, inclusive and diverse.

If you’d like to see these goals come to fruition and would like to get involved, in one or more of them, contact us: steadystatemanchester@gmail.com, we’d love to hear from you.

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1 Response to Our Priorities for 2015; Get Involved and Help us Achieve Them

  1. It looks like you may have to re-evaluate your year..there’s a devolution revolution coming.

    Devolution is obviously on the table but the currently ENFORCED “Devo Manc” is nothing more than an establishment stitch up. The feeling on the street is to fight against it and demand a Peoples Devolution Congress. This could take the form of a 6 month conversation amongst ourselves to decide exactly how WE wish to devolve. At this point it will be vital to have our brightest and best suggesting new ways forward such as monetary systems, voting systems and the cherishing and promotion of our incredible ecology such as the frack threatened Salford Mosses.

    Most English folk are completely oblivious to the upcoming nation wide devolution scramble but our region is currently in the front line and as they say, what happens in Manchester today……

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