We’ll be at “Boom Bust Boom Bust: Why Economics is for Everyone” next week

Boom Bust Boom Bust: Why Economics is for Everyone
31 Mar – 2 Apr 2015, Manchester

Steady State Manchester is pleased to be part of this event of alternative approaches to economics organised by the Post Crash Economics Society, a now famous counter-course initiative of students sick of the narrow curriculum of neo-classical economics. Neglected approaches in mainstream economics include ecological economics, Keynesian economics, Marxism, feminist economics, and post/de-development, all of which have informed our own approach.

So we are delighted to both support the event and to be offering a highly participative workshop in the very first session:  “An Economy for planet and people?”.

Do come along!

Here is the conference website: http://boombustboombust.com/

And the programme Unconference-Programme-final (as at 25 March – the programme on the conference website doesn’t render properly on all browsers so that’s why we’ve put the pdf here).

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