Open Letter endorsements

The Open Letter to Tony Lloyd has been endorsed by the following people to date (in addition to the many people who have verbally expressed their appreciation for it).  Thank you, everyone.  We will be adding a selection of people’s comments too. To add your name, email us at or use the form at the end of the letter.  Thanks!

Judith Emanuel
Ben Godfrey
Professor Cathy Parker
Rob Trueblood
Brian Candeland
Brigitte Lechner
Margaret Morris
Steven Longden
Paula Moorhouse
Debbie Tomkies
Dick Venes
Richard Redman
Alison Allan
Bruce Bingham
Kate Eldridge
Mary Candeland
Pauline Hammerton
David Alderson
Alison Giles
Roger Bysouth
Steven Willett
Ian McHugh
Rod Riesco
Alastair Jones
Ursula Sharma
Mike Riddell
Mike Wild
Rashid Mhar
Simon Gray
Dominic McCann
Neil Corney, Trustee, on behalf of MERCi
Anne Tucker
Matt Schreibke (via UoM Policy blog comment)
Nicole Tidmas
Ellen Meredith
Dave Eatock
Rosie Adamson-Clark
Sophie King
Carolyn Kagan

Plus 4 more who did not want their names to appear publicly.


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