Become a member of Steady State Manchester

Become a member of Steady State Manchester

From 2016, Steady State Manchester is a membership organisation.  You can join!                                                             This page also available as a pdf to print

By becoming a member you will:

  • Directly support the work we do.

  • Have a say in our priorities and work programme (via consultations, at the Annual General Meeting and at occasional Special Meetings).

  • Receive invitations to events organised by Steady State Manchester and other organisations.

  • On joining you will receive a free copy of The Viable Economy.

  • But most important, you will be part of this important project to help find a route to a viable Greater Manchester region where people can thrive without harming the planet.

Interested? Then do complete the membership form.  Information on subscription rates or alternatively time contributions is given below the form.

Subscription fates and contributions (money and/or time).

We would really like people joining SSM to contribute.  We know people’s means and abilities are not all the same, so this can take different forms, and be small or large.

We are an unfunded organisation with no paid workers. So we need a small flow of money for running costs, mainly, to pay for publications, hire of rooms etc. If you can contribute to our expenses, it will make a big difference. Please base your  financial subscription on what you think is appropriate. The subscription is for the calendar year, i.e. it becomes due on 1st January. We love standing orders which help us to plan.

For guidance, we suggest:

  • Solidarity level:   £10 per month by standing order, or £120 per year.

  • Standard level:  £2 per month, or £24 per year.

  • Unwaged or low waged level:  £3 per year.

It is very important to us that everyone feels equally welcome; whether you can pay nothing, 20p,  the levels above or £1000!  We have had contributions at all levels in the past and owe our survival to them all! If you would like to offer hours that would be wonderful too whether it is helping at events –  making tea or clearing up, promoting events, writing, researching are all equally important and valued. You can offer hours as well as, or instead of, money.

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