Join conversations about how a viable economy can detox Manchester!

Would you like to inspire others about difficult questions that matter to you?

Wed 20 January: Possibilities and limits for having a local economy


Book your place now! Now linking to the right event!

Wed 17th February: AGM and A viable non-monetary exchange system for Greater Manchester

Book your place for our AGM now!  At our AGM in February we will be launching Steady State Manchester as a membership organisation, JOIN NOW!

The AGM will showcase an exciting new project promoting exchange through a community loyalty point system. This project involves a range of partners. Participants will be invited to help the initiators think through the questions that matter to them. These might include a good name, and how we ensure it works and is a good model of viable economics.

Both meetings are at Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS 6.30-8.30


How will the conversation work?

Cafe style conversation because people are more likely to feel comfortable talking about issues that really matter to them. We can develop our knowledge and confidence to then share ideas with others.

The resource is the participants, their interests, knowledge and experience they bring!

Each table will be hosted by someone with a particular interest in aspects of the topic being considered. They will participate like everyone else. They might include academics, activists, local traders, food growers. They will be feeding in their perspectives alongside others. There may be optional background reading (less than 30 mins.) and case studies to explore.

Every 10-15 minutes you move to another table and continue the discussion with a different group. Everyone takes the useful points from previous tables and shares them. After 45 minutes to an hour we bring together the key point of the conversations.

Why do it? To become more fluent in talking about viable economic issues and shape viable economic thinking

The intention is to hold a monthly conversation, agreeing topics at previous sessions, all learning together as we go.

See for information about Steady State Manchester and specifically about this conversation contact or Judith on 07792 690 278

All contributions welcome, join a discussion. Money welcome if you can afford it

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