Join our conversation about work and income


Most politicians and influential people tell us that if more people had paid jobs then things would be better.  Does this take account of rapid changes in how we work and gain income? We know that there are fewer middle income / medium-skilled jobs available, while the numbers are swelling, both of those with very high incomes and those with very low and precarious wages. We want to learn from each other how people are coping or not with these and similar challenges. Are people helping one another and if so how?   What is needed in Manchester to make sure all residents have enough work and income in this digital age? In what ways can a living wage help and are there any pitfalls? Would a citizen’s or universal income be a good, affordable idea?  This will be a chance for people who come to talk to each other as if having a conversation in a café, with short introductions from speakers.

Rashid Mhar who came to our last conversation said: ‘The event worked really well, it was relaxed and enjoyable. The group there were well informed and engaged in these ideas…..

Let’s talk about the future of work and income”  on Monday 21 March 6.30-8.30 at Cross Street Chapel, Manchester M2 1NL. Book now

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