Amazing cafe conversations!


This blog tells you about our next cafe conversation and  gives feedback on our last one ‘Let’s talk about the future of work and income’ held in March.




The next one is on the EU Referendum. It is for environmentalists, anti-poverty campaigners and people  concerned with promoting a secure and safe world who are feeling left out of the debate. Tuesday 19th April, 6.30 to 8.30 at Cross Street ChapelRead more and book now

If you value a place where people talk about issues that matter to participants these conversations are for you.  Discussing in fours and fives enables everyone to participate, listen to one another and have real conversations.  The room is big enough that we can hear each other too! We have a brew and refreshments and enjoy talking about viable economics and all the ways we can share this with others.

Recent feedback has included:

‘ I have absolutely loved the first two events I’ve been to and intend to join as a member. ‘

I enjoy the chance to have a debate. ….. to have my say, as well of course to be influenced by others and further shape my own perspectives on the many issues that SSM cover.’

The EU Referendum and the viable economy –
Tuesday 19th April, 6.30 to 8.30 at Cross Street Chapel.  Book now

What! Another meeting on the referendum?

Yes, for environmentalists, anti-poverty campaigners and those concerned with promoting a secure and safe world. To consider what we can learn from the issues surfacing in the referendum debate as well as how we ensure our voices are heard.

It is unclear how the decision about whether to leave or stay in Europe will enable us to move towards a viable economy. Would Brexit give us greater opportunities for forging a Viable Economy, relatively protected from global forces, or would it render us yet more subservient to the whims of footloose capital, and exacerbate the skewed economy of the UK, dominated as it is by the City of London’s financial sector? How are the needs and aspirations of smaller regional economies going to be met within the constraints and opportunities offered by being a member of a larger and cross national European level/framework?

If you are undecided on which way to vote, or are keen to explore these ideas with others, join us for this café conversation on Tuesday 19th April, 6.30 to 8.30 at Cross Street Chapel.  Book now

We talked about the future of work and income and are crying out for a new narrative!

We had a lively discussion including two short presentations. John Leigh inspired us, when introducing the Living Wage campaign andJudith Emanuel introduced a universal basic income.


What emerged from the discussion?  At a time when mainstream organisations are unquestionningly telling us that if every adult was working and every children was aspirational, all would be well – we are crying out for a new narrative. A narrative which acknowledges that work has increasingly less relationship to income and is not addressing poverty and inequality. A narrative which

  • values all paid and unpaid work (except jobs which have no social or creative value) ; including working in the community, parenting, growing food and other domestic work.
  • acknowledges we will be more productive if we don’t have to put so much time and energy into paid work.

We were excited to find out that there are many business people, like John Leigh who support the Living Wage. That over 100 business in Manchester pay it and that Salford Council is totally on board, and ensures all contractors pay it, including for social care.

We welcomed hearing that there is increasing international and national interest in a universal basic income for all adults as individuals and sense that this has great potential for a viable economy.

Participants wanted to test out this new narrative with a range of people including their children, in schools, community groups, business people and their trade unions and develop the idea in the Peoples Plan for Devomanc.

If you are would like to know more about universal basic income, Guy Standing will be speaking in Manchester on 27th April – details and booking here.  He wrote the readable Precariat Charter and is a founder member and honorary co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), which promotes a citizenship income for all.





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