Knowing that climate change is an emergency engages some people and encourages others to run a mile

What do we know about best ways of communicating and influencing decision-making about climate change? Both people with responsibilities for this in Greater Manchester and Steady State Manchester supporters are signing up fast for our cafe conversation on Thursday 20th October 6.30- 8.30pm.  Book now to ensure your place if you would like to be there. 

As temperatures reach unprecedented levels, there is a renewed urgency to ensure action is taken on climate change. Knowing this may engage some people and encourage others to run a mile.

Campaigners, academics, museum curators and others are tirelessly communicating about climate change with everyone possible in a range of ways.  What have we learned from our successes and is there more we can do to effectively engage people which will make more of a difference? Steady State Manchester has a holistic view; climate change cannot be addressed without changing the economic model.  How can such complex ideas be most effectively shared?

This cafe conversation aims to bring together a diverse range of people involved in communicating about climate change with all sorts of people to reflect on where we are now and what we can learn.

Thursday 20th October 6.30- 8.30pm

Cross Street Chapel Cross Street Manchester M2 1NL

Book now

About Steady State Manchester cafe conversations

If you value a place where people talk about issues that matter to participants these conversations are for you.  Discussing in fours and fives enables everyone to participate, listen to one another and have real conversations.  The room is big enough that we can hear each other too! We have a brew and refreshments and enjoy talking about viable economics and all the ways we can share this with others.

Recent feedback has included:

‘ I have absolutely loved the first two events I’ve been to and intend to join as a member. ‘

I enjoy the chance to have a debate. ….. to have my say, as well of course to be influenced by others and further shape my own perspectives on the many issues that SSM cover.’

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1 Response to Knowing that climate change is an emergency engages some people and encourages others to run a mile

  1. Dave Bishop says:

    I don’t know if anyone saw it, but there was an interesting article in New Scientist magazine (Vol. 227, No. 3029, 11.07.2015) last year, by Robert Gifford, entitled “33 Reasons We Can’t Think Clearly About Climate Change”? It’s a formidable list ranging through “Ignorance” to (over-confident faith in) “Technosalvation” to “Tokenism”. The author suggests some ways in which we could overcome his 33 “Dragons of Inaction” – although he also suggests that we may not have enough time. I suspect that he may be right about that!

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