Greater Manchester Garden City – a viable alternative?

Conversation event:  Greater Manchester Garden City – a viable alternative?

manchester-urban-landscape-037Thursday 2 March, 6.30pm, Methodist Central Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester.   Book via EventBrite
We’ll be showing Tom Bliss’s film that reviewed the Garden City concept and suggested applying it retrospectively to an existing city (Leeds).  We’ll then discuss in relation to creating an alternative vision for the future of the Greater Manchester City Region.
We recently joined other critical voices in responding robustly to the GMCA’s Greater Manchester Spatial Framework that set out a dystopic future of high rise flats and offices in the centre and housing estates and warehouses on the Green Belt, all justified by fantasist “growth” projections.  But what would an alternative look like?  Might it be feasible, for example, to transform the GM City Region into a kind of retrofitted Garden City? We begin that conversation.
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