Living within limits to Growth: How?

Living within limits to Growth – how do we do it?

Talk given by Mark H Burton, Steady State Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, 6 May, 2017.

Mark Burton giving the talk with last slideHere are the notes and illustrations used in this talk.  It covers the following issues:

  1. Limits to Growth, Planetary Limits and Climate Change
  2. GDP and its problems
  3. Alternative Frameworks
  4. Feasibility of Degrowth and Steady State
  5. What practical policies does this entail?

click here for the talk (pdf)

It was part of the event: A Sustainable Newcastle: What does this really mean? and we are grateful to Alison Whalley and Newcastle Green Party who organised the event for the invitation.  Other speakers were Chi Onwurah, Labour Party spokesperson for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Andrew Gray,  University of Durham, Alistair Ford, University of Newcastle and Helen Jarvis, University of Newcastle.

Note: the event was organised prior to, and was not part of, the General Election Campaign and speakers were asked to avoid making party political presentations.

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