A Green New Deal for Greater Manchester? Workshop report.

On 16 December we held a workshop to look at the prospects for a “Green New Deal” tailored to the needs and realities of Greater Manchester.  As is our usual style, the major part of the event was group discussion to explore and develop ideas.  That was preceded by four provocations covering the Labour for a Green New Deal proposals, The Green Party’s Green New Deal for the North West, the work of CLES on Community Wealth Building and Green New Deals, and a Sceptical, Degrowth view on Green Deals.

Read the Report by clicking this link.

We have put together summaries of the provocations with links to further reading, and key points from our discussions.  Some of the ideas will be valuable for our forthcoming work to refresh our Policies for the City Region, ahead of the elections for Metro Mayor and councils in May.  With a climate fudging, English nationalist conservative government in power, the focus of action for climate and social justice in the UK is likely to switch to the municipal and regional level, together with international solidarity campaigning.

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