A week left to comment on Manchester’s local plan. How to.

Here is the link to a Skeleton response to Manchester Local Plan Issues Consultation 2020
It has been produced by members of Climate Emergency Manchester, Rising Up! Manchester Families, Greater Manchester Housing Action and Steady State Manchester. It does not necessarily reflect the view of all those organisations.
It is offered to local campaigners as a basis for their own response.
We suggest two ways of using it. Quick and slow!
1) You could simply endorse it and include the link in an email to the council’s consultation site.
Or, better, you could
2) Make your own response, drawing on our skeleton. While it’s called a skeleton, it is pretty comprehensive but you will likely have additional things to add and you might not agree with everything there. So please feel free to use it as you see best.
The document has full details of how to respond and a link to the council’s consultation document.
Here’s that link again: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aJudjCnSvkrYrg0DSDfls5LxrJuZCwRGe3LRXw_oHwE/edit?usp=sharing
The (extended) deadline for responses is ….. 17.00 on Friday 1st May.
Good luck!
Please also share this with your contacts.

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3 Responses to A week left to comment on Manchester’s local plan. How to.

  1. Mike Duddy says:

    Can I please get guidance on exactly how to endorse the Skeleton response?

    For the record I have asked to MCC’s consultation portal (https://manchester-consult.objective.co.uk/portal/planning/issues_and_options_2020/lpi?tab=list) but don’t recognise any SSM contributors in the ‘All Comments’ section

    • Hi Mike,
      We suggest you simply send an email to the consultation email address with a link to the skeleton document. When the consultation ends we’ll simply take out the front material so it is, in itself a response to the consultation.
      We’ll be sending in our own response (a bit extended from the skeleton version) later this week. That’s why you can’t see us among the respondents yet.

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