Open letter to Manchester City Council about pop-up cycle lanes

UPDATED, 29 June.

The pop-up lane installed by XR-Manchester, shaming the city council's inaction.

  1. On Wednesday24 June, Extinction Rebellion Manchester erected a pop-up lane with signage and cones on the A56 Chester Rd. It bridges the 300m gap between the Trafford border, where the neighbouring council’s pop-up lane from Sale ends, and Deansgate.  This is an excellent action which shames the city council and its complacent executive.   Read article on The Meteor.
  2. The Meteor article also has details of a protest action planned for Saturday in Levenshulme.

The following letter was sent to Manchester Evening News.  Disappointingly, they did not print it. It was published on 29 June.  If you want your name added to it, please email contact[AT] (they will not add your name to any database, nor release your email address)

We call on Manchester City Council to act boldly and collaboratively to create pop-up cycle lanes for people to commute to work, and also travel within the city. Cycling is a social justice issue – a third of the city’s households do not have cars and people will be forced back onto public transport if the Council refuses to see sense.
In replies to citizens calling for better thinking, the Council has merely given the following vague assurance – “where neighbouring local authorities are planning to create temporary pop-up cycle lanes which approach Manchester, we will work with partners in each case, to ensure that safety for all road users is prioritised.”
We call upon the Executive Member for Environment, Planning and Transport, Angeliki Stogia, to announce an urgent programme to first complete all the protected routes into the city centre that originate in other council areas and then to add emergency protected provision on all other main roads.
The Council has said it has bid for £600k worth of measures but the details have not yet been shared with residents – we suggest creation of a web page, updated weekly, on the City Council’s website that sets out this programme and the progress made.
This action will help restore the Council’s tattered credibility. Without greatly increased trust in Council decision-making and transparency, real action on the climate emergency, air pollution and safe mobility will be virtually impossible.
This is a moment to lead, not to hide.

Rose Arnold
Andy Barclay
Lucy Burke
Mark H Burton
Roger Bysouth
Ian Cookson
Mike Duddy
Neil Edwards
Judith Emanuel
Nick Hubble
Marc Hudson
Sarah Irving
Carolyn Kagan
Pooja Kishinani
Harriet Larrington-Spencer
Chloe Jeffries
Hannah Malcolm
Calum McFarlane
Bri McIntosh
Margaret Morris
Martin Nash
Northern Quarter Forum
Chris Paul
Adam Peirce
Ruth Rosselson
Greg Sammons
Owen Sedgwick-Jell
DL Sheridan
Richard Shirres
Marion Smith
Pete Somerville
Samuel Thomas
WalkRide PiccNQ
James Ward
Jane Ward
Dave Warnock
Adam Williams

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1 Response to Open letter to Manchester City Council about pop-up cycle lanes

  1. Jim Horan says:

    Now’s the time for action. Just do it!

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