The Steady State Manchester Solidarity Grant

Permanent page for this scheme (any updates and changes will appear there).

We now offer a small grant (up to a few hundred pounds) to very small groups who want to do something original to challenge the damaging growth model of economic and social development in Greater Manchester.

We favour small, community-based groups who need a little financial support yet can’t easily, or yet, access the established funding sources. If you’re part of such a group or know people who are, there’s more about the Grant here:

One page summary

Details of the grant

We’ll consider activities which:

  • put into practice what we advocate, or are in keeping with our views;
  • challenge the economic status quo;
  • are open to all, unless targeted at minoritised people

Examples might include, amongst others,

  • new models of ownership, production, distribution etc.;
  • influencing/participating in local decision making;
  • meeting basic needs (like hunger, keeping warm);
  • tackling inequalities;
  • spending on: room hire, leaflets, zoom subscription, teabags, helping low income or mobility-impaired people with transport costs;
  • spending by small local groups whether or not they have written rules and a bank account.

There are some things we won’t fund.

See more here:
One page summary

Details of the grant

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1 Response to The Steady State Manchester Solidarity Grant

  1. judith515 says:

    That’s great. This could be really useful. Whalley Range Climate Action Group and walk ride Whalley Range are embarking on an innovative consultation project on clean air and will be meeting with as many local groups as possible in the prcess. it is really good to know that if groups want to do something they can tap into a fudning source.

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