Places for Everyone goes before the Planning Inspectorate

November is the month in which the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Places for Everyone Plan goes before the Planning Inspectorate for its “Examination in Public”.

Cover of the Places for Everyone report

Anyone can watch the hearings, which, as it’s a huge plan with many aspects, will take the best part of the month.

As SSM made critical comments in our section 19 consultation response last year, we have the right to speak at the sessions and will be going to several of them as will other community and environmental groups including Friends of the Earth and some of the constituent groups of the Save Greater Manchester’s Green Belt coalition.

Of particular note will be Friday’s morning’s session which will deal with the plan’s Sustainability Appraisal. This is part of the outsourced Integrated Assessment and we made a number of criticisms of it. Chief among these is the failure to provide any estimate of the carbon impact of the plan despite the legislation requiring that plans demonstrate how they contribute to the mitigation and adaptation of climate change.


Places for Everyone, the plan and the voluminous list of supporting documents.

The Examination website with links to all relevant documents, including our (and others’) written statements.

The timetable for the first part of the examination and the agenda for next week.

The live-streams of the sessions in the first week:

1 Nov AM:

1 Nov PM:

2 Nov:

3 Nov:

4 Nov:

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