Respond to the National Planning Policy Framework consultation

Strapline from government website, "Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill: Reforms to National Planning Policy"

The government is consulting on changes to the National Planning Policy Framework.  This guidance governs the way planing takes place in England.  It covers plan making, for example through the council-level local plans, and development management, for example in determining planning applications.

We think this is an important consultation with lots of opportunities to support needed reforms and to suggest further good practice and policy.

So, we’ve provided a guide to help you make your response easily.  It is a template for a response to all the questions in the consultation.

Please do share it and ask others to make a response. Here is the preamble from the template document – the necessary links for responding are in the document itself.  The deadline is 11.45pm on 2 March.

This is a “template response” for the government’s consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework.    It is what Steady State Manchester will be submitting.    While most of the wording is our own, for some questions we have drawn on draft submissions from Friends of Carrington Moss and the CPRE, where they have added to our own responses and where (as in most cases) we agree.    We are also grateful to the Community Planning Alliance for provision of a blank template with the questions.

As respondents, you may use the wording below, but we strongly encourage you to personalise and amend it.    You can also just use some of the material in your response and there is no need to respond to every question.

Click HERE for the template – it is a .docx format wordprocessor document that, depending on your browser settings, will open in another tab or window.  Please do contact us if you’ve any difficulty using it.

Here are alternative versions:  PDF file and
RTF webfile on cryptpad (open source alternative to google drive) read only.

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2 Responses to Respond to the National Planning Policy Framework consultation

  1. psomerville says:

    Just to let you know – I have not been able to access your template. From the email it flags up a 404, and from this blog here it downloads a file that I have not been able to open. Also, in responding to the HMG consultation, I completed the first page that asks for personal details but when I click on ‘Continue’ nothing happens. There is an alternative of ‘Save and try later’, but nothing is saved and trying later makes no difference.

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