UK Planning Inspectorate hasn’t responded to FOIA about carbon literacy yet

By law, the Planning Inspectorate should normally have responded promptly and by 16 May 2023.

Of course things can reasonably be delayed but I have not had the courtesy of a communication from them to that effect. MHB

Dear Planning Inspectorate,
Carbon literacy is a training award based on a short course usually delivered within organisations (see… ). Since Local Plans and Planning Management Decisions require an understanding of authorities’ obligations under the Climate Change Act (2008) and the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004), Inspectors will need to be carbon literate.
Please supply details of training provided to inspectors that meets the standard of the Carbon Literacy Project or otherwise equips inspectors in making decisions and recommendations that appropriately take account of the need to radically reduce all sources of carbon emissions.
This can be provided in tabular form, identifying numbers of inspectors and the training type. Please supply this information for the 5 years to the end of March, 2023.
Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

Mark H Burton

Follow this request at What Do They Know?

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