The Viable Future Mark

The Viable Future Mark is our “Badge of Approval”.  It  is being given to groups and organisations whose work is consistent with our vision of a Viable Greater Manchester.  We anticipate that this will help build a network and coalition for a Viable Economy and Society in Greater Manchester.

The Viable Future Mark badge

Viable Greater Manchester means a post-growth society that lives within its ecological means, enabling a sufficient, dignified and fulfilling life for all without exploiting other peoples and ecosystems globally. Read more about it below.

So who are the first holders of the Viable Future Mark?

They are,

In their different ways, each of these Greater Manchester groups makes a contribution, through one or more of,

  • campaigning,
  • informing and educating,
  • developing policy, or practice,

to at least two of,

  • Increasing public understanding of ecological limits and/or ecosystem realities.
  • Prioritising social justice for all people.
  • Integrating the spheres of ecology, politics and economics.
  • Challenging and changing prevailing economic and social arrangements.

Moreover, their work does not rely on assumptions of aggregate economic growth and,to some extent at least, promotes degrowth, post-growth or the steady state economy.

If you know of a group or organisation whose work fits the above criteria, do suggest them for a Viable Future Mark. Likewise, if you think your organisation would qualify, then do get in touch. That way we can build a loose alliance of groups, whether campaigning organisations, services, community groups or businesses, all consciously working towards the Viable Future that we all need.  Our contact details are HERE. Full details of the scheme in the Information for Nominees paper.