SSM is run by a collective.  Until 2016 this was a self-appointed, invited group but as SSM is now a membership organisation there will be elections for a proportion of the collective, effectively the executive committee for SSM, each year, although we will still work in a collective style.  If you are interested in becoming part of the collective, join SSM and then get in touch.

Current collective members

Mark Burton (from 2012)
Mike Riddell (from 2015)
Carolyn Kagan (from 2016)
Roger Bysouth (from 2016)
Rosie East (from 2018)
Richard Shirres (from 2018)

Associate collective members
Charlotte Allen (collective member 2015-18)
James Vandeventer (collective member 2017-8)
Kirit Patel (collective member 2015-2019
and one other who prefers to remain anonymous at present for professional reasons.

Groups evolve and people move on.  We acknowledge the contribution of former collective members including:
Marc Hudson (2012-3)
Laurence Menhinick (2012-3)
Arwa Aburawa (2012-3)
Ben Irvine (2013-5)
Maurice Barnes (2013-5)
Robert Brown (2013-6)
Judith Emanuel (2012-7)