Mark Burton

Mark H Burton

Mark Burton, Steady State Manchester Collective

Mark describes himself as an Independent Scholar-Activist. With SSM since the start, in 2012, he has concentrated on the relationships between economy, environment and social justice in the context of the Manchester city region.  He wrote In Place of Growth, and much of The Viable Economy (2014), The Viable Economy … and Society (2020) and Policies for the City Region (2017) and edited the collection of works by SSM, A Viable Future (2021).  His former career was as a psychologist and subsequently a senior manager in health and social care services. He has publications in a number of fields including policy research, management and applied psychology, with a focus on social justice and inclusion, along with associated practical and critical conceptual frameworks. From Jan 2004-October 2016 he was Visiting Professor at the Research Institute for Health and Social Change, Manchester Metropolitan University. He recently was external consultant to a programme at Sheffield University’s Urban Institute on the relationship between community based knowledge and public policy.

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