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Our Priorities for 2015; Get Involved and Help us Achieve Them

In 2014 our focus as an organisation was developing our ideas for how to bring about a more fair and sustainable economy in Manchester and the wider region. We launched the Viable Economy, building upon our previous interventions, it is … Continue reading

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A Living Wage, a Viable Economy, a Liveable City Region

This week was Living Wage Week.To mark the event SSM, along with signatories from other Campaign groups including GMB Union, the GM Living Wage Campaign and the Green Party sent an open letter to the leaders of the Greater Manchester Local Authorities. Continue reading

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Vermont re-orientates Economic Strategy to ‘Genuine Progress’ « Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

In this post from CASSE Eric Zencey explains how the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) has been adopted as a measure of success by Vermont’s ‘Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy’. It aims to improve the GPI  by 5% over 5 years. The … Continue reading

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Why Manchester City Council Should be Banking on Something Better

Part of the transition to a steady state economy requires maximizing the opportunities for local economies to invest in themselves, specifically in socially useful, equitable and resilience building enterprises. SSM also believes Local Government will play a key role in … Continue reading

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Post-Growth, Transition and Community Resilience

Transition Networks Rob Hopkins and the Post-Carbon Institutes Asher Miller have published a report urging environmentalists to embrace post-growth economics and an approach to economic development that doesn’t prioritize growth but aims to build Community Resilience. They identify the barriers … Continue reading

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Current Levels of Inequality Incompatible with Living Well within Ecological Limits

Inequality in Britain is at its highest point for 50 years. An info-graphic produced by Inequality Briefing is a startling visualization of the disparities of wealth in Britain. Real levels of inequality are far greater than most people think, nevermind … Continue reading

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Inaccurate Figures Risk Complacency in Manchester City Councils Carbon Reduction Plan

A failure to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% this year belies specific and effective carbon reduction projects taken by Manchester City Council but much more can be done. Steady State Manchester is wholeheartedly in support of Manchester City Council in … Continue reading

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Revitalizing local economies will require: messages that are positive, legitimate and tailored, proving real sources of well-being and using sources of empowerment and motivation as well as accountability.

A diverse group of people attended a Steady State Manchester workshop at the University of Manchester yesterday. Participants included academics, students, a local councillor, a religious leader as well as activists and citizens. The workshop attempted to answer the question: … Continue reading

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