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SSM events

Gender and women at the core of the viable economy?

Report coming soon (as blog post on our main page)

Thursday July 6th, 6.30-8pm
Collier room at Manchester Methodist Hall

We are at an exciting time – daunting and full of possibilities – regarding societal
transformations that will enable us all to live well, within planetary resources and with greater equity.

A lot is being written, said (and experimented with) about alternative ways of thinking and living, and a lot of this is gender blind. Now is the time for us to  consider what a viable future might look like that not only protects, but also nurtures and repairs the very ecosystem that gives us life, and that puts gender and women at the core, not to be added as an afterthought.

This cafe conversation will consider the policies and pledges of the Women’s Equality Party, Divamanc and Steady State Manchester. We will be considering

  • what is missing in both directions for a future which is economically viable, where there is gender equity and we are living within planetary recources
  • how Steady State Manchester might address these gaps

Then we’ll have a summer break, returning in September when we are thinking of returning to the question of “global and local”.  Let us know if you’ve thoughts on events we should be putting on.

Other events of interest:


Climate Change Talks in Bolton (Bolton 2030- a ‘Living Well’ event)

7.30pm Wednesday 13th September:

“Climate Change and Science”

Professor Geoffrey Levermore, University of Manchester

7.30pm Wednesday 20th September:

“Climate Change and Activism”

Representatives of Bolton Against Fracking

7.30pm Wednesday 27th September:

“Climate Change and Faith”

Stephen Lingwood, Unitarian Minister

All free and open to the public

Bank Street Unitarian Chapel, Bank Street, Bolton Town Centre, BL1 1TS (or Crown Street BL1 2RU).



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