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We need to end growth dependency, but how?

Monetary reform would make at best a minor contribution to the task1.  Mark H Burton2 Summary There is increasing recognition that endless economic “growth” is neither possible on a finite planet nor a desirable policy aim in social and economic … Continue reading

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Alternative financial innovations in Greater Manchester?

We are interested in exploring the possibilities for alternative financial systems to promote economic, social and ecological well-being in this part of the world. The key idea is to identify the gaps in the local system of financial resources (systems, … Continue reading

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Greater Manchester Pension Fund: some positive moves but more ambition needed.

What kind of a job are the city region’s investments doing in securing a viable future for the region – economically, socially, and for our living planet? Back in September, 2013, we wrote to the then chair of Manchester City … Continue reading

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Payday lending and the need for community banking

Carl Packman, a writer on the growth of payday lending introduced a discussion on Wednesday under the auspices of Manchester’s Social Action Research Foundation (SARF) Ironically Carl’s recent book (“Payday Lending: Global Growth of the High­‐Cost Credit Market”) costs £45, … Continue reading

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Why Manchester City Council Should be Banking on Something Better

Part of the transition to a steady state economy requires maximizing the opportunities for local economies to invest in themselves, specifically in socially useful, equitable and resilience building enterprises. SSM also believes Local Government will play a key role in … Continue reading

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Money as a social construct and public good

Money as a social construct and public good | British Politics and Policy at LSE. The above is a short link to a short article by Ann Pettifor (one of the New Green Deal authors) which summarises the argument of her … Continue reading

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Local authority banks – the door is open! | NewStart

See this: Local authority banks – the door is open! | NewStart.  New municipal banks: what do you say Manchester and neighbours? also see How to set up a local bank.  

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Keep the Co-op Bank ethical – the battle has not been lost yet.

A new campaign has been launched to keep the Co-operative Bank true to its ethical mission in the face of the hostile take-over by US Hedge Funds following what look rather like some poor strategic decisions by the bank’s former … Continue reading

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