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Viable Economy reading group

We are going to run a Viable Economy reading group.  This will involve reading part of The Viable Economy plus another related piece each week, and then discussing the issues arising.  Our idea is to help participants to deepen their … Continue reading

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Austerity is a scam but green growth isn’t the answer either.

Yesterday, 3rd December, 2014, The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, made his autumn statement in which he set out the government’s plans on the economy. He confirmed that a Tory government will continue to cut public spending in … Continue reading

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Less levity Professor Stern! Economic growth, climate change and the decoupling question.

Note: we have published more recent pieces on the myth of decoupling, including commentary on more recent claims. Click HERE for a full list. Steady State Manchester has argued, along with most ecological economists that continued economic growth is incompatible … Continue reading

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Trapped in techno-scientism; is this hindering Manchester becoming an eco-city? | Platform

Trapped in techno-scientism; is this hindering Manchester becoming an eco-city? | Platform. This is a provocative and very well written article by Nadine Andrews on the shortcomings of the dominant ideology, and hence strategies, here in Greater Manchester.  It does … Continue reading

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Germany: a case study in the post-growth economy?

We can’t possibly do without economic growth! This is the mantra repeated by the political and economic establishment, from the far right to the Trade Union movement’s leadership. This claim we know to be illiterate in terms of social welfare, … Continue reading

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Paradigms and economics

A personal view. I’m at the New Economics Foundation Summer School at present.  It is providing a useful overview of the dominance of neoliberalism and its ‘colleague discipline’, neoclassical economics, and on some of the alternatives.  It has also assembled … Continue reading

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Where will the money come from? Endogenous economic development for the viable economy.

Some supporters would like more information about how a regional viable economy might work and how to make it happen. Mark Burton explores here the theory of endogenous (local) economic development and possibilities for funding a viable economy. These include … Continue reading

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The return of growth? Some critical perspectives – including our own.

You can’t have missed the headlines. The UK economy has returned to growth so we can all sigh with relief. Those doomsayers like us in Steady State Manchester who suggested that the motor was broken are wrong…. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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