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Good and bad growth?

Recent discussions in Manchester have led to interest in a possible distinction between good and bad growth. We recently clarified our thinking on the nature of growth and post-growth as follows: “…we know that the economy is too big – … Continue reading

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What do we mean by post-growth?

Our initiative, Steady State Manchester takes its name from the idea of a Steady State Economy that was promoted in the work of North American ecological economists, principally Herman Daly. In our report In Place of Growth, we explore what … Continue reading

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The question of culture

In our critique of the dominant approach to prosperity in the city we have emphasised alternative economic perspectives – especially ecological economics (whence the ‘steady  state economy’) and degrowth (decentreing from the pursuit of growth as the central question).  In … Continue reading

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The financial enclosure of the commons | Red Pepper

The financial enclosure of the commons | Red Pepper. Really useful and succinct summary of the problem.  Carbon trading creates financial derivatives and actually makes the situation worse. For more detail also see:- Lohmann, L. (2009). When markets are poison: … Continue reading

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The Limits to Social Democracy

Last summer #Compass, the centre-left pressure group, held a competition for essays that identified the “elephants left in the room”.  “We all know there are issues the left find it hard to talk about – immigration, crime and punishment, why … Continue reading

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Steady State Manchester in pictures

It might be helpful to some readers to have a graphic representation of what Steady State Manchester means, and to contrast it with the orthodox growth model. So firstly, this is the model adopted by the Manchester Partnership[1]. And here … Continue reading

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Youtube from Australia: “What the Economic Crisis really means – and what we can do about it”

We need, of course, to make Manchester-focused videos of the same nature… And the narrator is, um, perhaps a little more optimistic than the reality warrants…

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