If joining Steady State Manchester and paying by paypal, please make your subscription via the donation link on this page.  Thanks!

Yes, unfortunately we do need money to fund our activities. We do occasionally apply for some small grants but so far SSM has been funded largely by our members.
So, if you like what we are doing and want to contribute to our efforts to promote Steady State thinking in Manchester and beyond, then please do consider making a donation here by card or by paypal.   Thank you.

Donate with paypal or card

Donate with paypal or card

New: alternative easy paypal link via our PAYPAL-ME page.

Even better, as it helps us to plan our work, you could support us via standing order  you can use the details HERE to set it up via your internet, or telephone banking or in branch)which helps us to plan our work, or by one off payment, which can be by cheque payable to Steady State Manchester,

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