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Links to the rich ecosystem of organisations and resources exploring, explaining and promoting steady state / post-growth / degrowth thinking.

2023 – needs updating: suggestions?

See also our more resources page for even more reading that is relevant to the ideas behind Steady State Manchester. For Steady State Manchester’s contact details and to join our mailing list click for this page.

We are part of the Systems Change Alliance. Systems change is the emergence of a new

pattern of organization or systems structure. We are facing unprecedented economic, social, and environmental crises, and current reforms offer ineffective solutions. Systems Change Alliance connects the dots between individuals, groups and organizations working in different fields to collaborate, educate, advocate and implement positive systemic change. The three big dots? Environment, Society & Economy. Read more about the Alliance here.

If you are working on, or interested in, degrowth, then you might like to join the UK degrowth network (email group) to connect with academics and activists working on degrowth to a steady state economy: the volume of mail is not large so your inbox won’t get overloaded. To join, send an email to the following address. To guard against machine generated spam, we give it in two parts – just put them together.

Degrowth Scotland / Enough Scotland
Enough! is an informal collective of activists in Scotland who have come together to take action on challenging our dominant economic system. We believe that inequality, oppression, injustice, power and ecological breakdown are all connected by the same story.” We like their Degrowth Handbook – a course compilation and free to download.

Localise West Midlands Group doing excellent work down there in the once Black Country. A really useful compendium of resources related to low impact living.

A short video about why infinite growth on a finite planet is maybe not such a good idea.
The Impossible Hamster

More than a decade old and for some reason YouTube thinks it’s age-restricted. Well actually it is scary!

Why growth is not enough (Kate Raworth / RSA)

Degrowth explained – from Grist a bit American, but sound.

Carbon Omissions – on the UK’s total carbon emissions from PIRC

Going Local: the Solution-Multiplier
A short introduction to economic localization.

Various Institutions and Foundations

All Party Parliamentary Group on Limits to Growth
see their 2016 report, authored by Tim Jackson and Robin Webster, Limits Revisited: a review of the Limits to Growth debate and a great primer on the issues.

New Economics Foundation

Greenhouse Think Tank

Post-Growth Institute

REconomy initiative

Research and Degrowth

German degrowth web portal (in English)

Center for the Advancement of the Steady-State Economy

Degrowth bibliography



PCES: Post-Crash Economics Society

Resolution Foundation

The City 2.0 (an offshoot of TED talks)

Climate Access – The network for those engaging the public in the transformation to low-carbon, resilient communities.

Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network

Climate Bites offers metaphors, soundbites, quotes, humor, cartoons, stories and graphics for everybody who talks about climate change and wants their message to stick

Inequality: Why are the rich getting richer?

Skeptical Science Getting skeptical about global warming skepticism

Platform… London, another great resource)

Tree Station – just the kind of thing we want to see flourish and grow in a viable economy!

A Green Deal for the Manchester-Mersey Bioregion a visionary piece from 2008 from SSM’s Mark Burton

Wikipedia on
Ecological Economics
Steady-State Economics

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