First Little Book of Ecological Economics (2001)

This is something I did in 2001 [wrote Marc Hudson an early member of SSM].  I’ve left it unaltered, complete with swear words (I had a potty mouth back then) and the comedy reference to the new…

“We really need to do an update/improvement/massive overhaul of it…  Anyone interested?”

And also, here is another introduction An introduction to ecological economics
This essay by Brian Davey forms part of a Nottingham University open source radical engineering course. It explains where economic growth comes from, rival understandings of it in economics and what problems it causes. It also introduces “ecological economics” which is a concept system that recognises these problems and seeks solutions to them within the bio-physical carrying capacity of the planet.

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4 Responses to First Little Book of Ecological Economics (2001)

  1. Could you of not put a link to a PDF of your little book, I cannot read it?

  2. Yasmin Quayyum says:

    A well-constructed piece which I’m glad I read and grateful you wrote.

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