Here we will provide links to local campaigns that are relevant to the overall aim of constructing a steady state society and economy without necessarily endorsing everything they may say or do.

If you think your campaign helps us move towards Steady State, get in touch with us at steadystatemanchester@gmail.com

Compendium of campaigning groups

Here is a link to a compilation of information on a selection of campaigning groups in Manchester.  It is only so good as the information the groups have provided (of course we are in there).  A new edition is planned for January, 2022, so if your group isn’t included, make contact via Climate Emergency Manchester

Climate Emergency Manchester


“We are a group of concerned citizens in Manchester, doing what we can to improve the city’s response to the climate and ecological emergencies”.  A particular focus is accountability of local government – mostly focussed so far on Manchester city council.

Fossil Free Greater Manchester

Fossil Free GM

Fossil Free GM

“Our campaign, Fossil Free Greater Manchester (FFGM) is trying to persuade the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) to divest from its fossil fuel holdings, on both financial and environmental grounds.
Specifically, we are calling upon the GMPF to:

1. Immediately freeze any new investments in fossil fuel companies;

2. Divest from companies involved in the exploitation of coal and unconventional oil or gas within two years and all fossil fuel companies within 5 years;

3. Work with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to develop and fund a low-carbon investment programme for Greater Manchester.”

SSM helped write this detailed briefing on fossil fuel divestment from FFGM: click here for the briefing.

Breathe Clean Air Group
“We are a group of local Trafford residents who are strongly opposed to the proposal for the Davyhulme Incinerator on the grounds of the negative impact it will have on the local community. We are not affiliated with any global, national or political movements. We are local residents fighting for and on behalf of other local residents to get this plan stopped.”

Better Buses GM
Better Buses for Greater Manchester logo
Campaign that helped win the fight for the re-regulation of buses in Greater Manchester.  This is now in the GM Mayor’s work programme.  Re-regulation means we can plan for the bus services we need – an essential tool in ending the dominance of the private car.
Website: https://betterbusesgm.org.uk  twitter – @BetterBusesGM

Greater Manchester Housing Action

gmha-logo-hidef-copyGreater Manchester Housing Action was founded in November 2015 in the context of the worsening housing crisis and city-regional devolution. We believed this offered a political opportunity to remake the local political landscape and open up conversations about the ‘right to the city’.

Since our formation, we have grown to be a key actor within a growing and increasingly powerful housing movement in the city. We have built an effective network of campaigners, community organisers and academics to advocate for socialist solutions to the housing crisis and keep the issue high on the political agenda.

We want to live in a city where everybody has a safe and stable roof over their head. The city should be run in the interests of its citizens, and the power of finance capital to reshape the city in its interests must be restricted. We want houses to be seen as homes, not investment opportunities for capital. We believe that Greater Manchester can provide an example to the rest of the country of how to end the housing crisis and to run a 21st century city in an inclusive, socially just and forward thinking way.

Save Our Bank:  campaign to keep the co-operative bank ethical
“The Co-operative Bank is well known for its ethical policy. Many customers trust it because it is part of the Co-op. But the bank is in trouble. The Co-operative Group has come up with a plan that will leave 70% of the ownership in the hands of private investors, including six hedge funds. Many customers who joined the bank because of its ethical policies are worried that the new owners will change the policy. Others are dismayed that the focus will be on profits for shareholders.
The SaveOurBank.coop campaign aims to make sure that the bank sticks to its commitments on ethical practice. We want the bank brought back under co-operative control and ownership where it belongs.”

Chorlton Voice.

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