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We need to end growth dependency, but how?

Monetary reform would make at best a minor contribution to the task1.  Mark H Burton2 Summary There is increasing recognition that endless economic “growth” is neither possible on a finite planet nor a desirable policy aim in social and economic … Continue reading

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Alternative financial innovations in Greater Manchester?

We are interested in exploring the possibilities for alternative financial systems to promote economic, social and ecological well-being in this part of the world. The key idea is to identify the gaps in the local system of financial resources (systems, … Continue reading

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Payday lending and the need for community banking

Carl Packman, a writer on the growth of payday lending introduced a discussion on Wednesday under the auspices of Manchester’s Social Action Research Foundation (SARF) Ironically Carl’s recent book (“Payday Lending: Global Growth of the High­‐Cost Credit Market”) costs £45, … Continue reading

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The Viable Economy serialised – About investment, money, credit and debt.

We continue the serialisation of our intervention, The Viable Economy, this time with just one section, on investment, money, credit and debt. You can download the whole pamphlet as a pdf file, here. If you like it, why not make … Continue reading

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The return of growth? Some critical perspectives – including our own.

You can’t have missed the headlines. The UK economy has returned to growth so we can all sigh with relief. Those doomsayers like us in Steady State Manchester who suggested that the motor was broken are wrong…. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Where Does Money Come From? A guide to the UK monetary and banking system.

Where Does Money Come From?  A guide to the UK monetary and banking system. Second Edition. by Josh Ryan-Collins, Tony Greenham, Richard Werner and Andrew Jackson. Reviewed for SSM by Justin Hellings One of the things that always bothered me … Continue reading

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Ethical Finance for a Steady State Economy

We are pleased to add this short report by Ben Irvine to the resources for Steady State Manchester Ethical Finance for a Steady State Economy. It is a continuation of the discussion about alternatives to the dominant financial system and … Continue reading

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