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So what would we do? Towards an alternative strategy for the city region

Download the Working Paper here It is easy to be critical. We are critical of the way our city and regional leaders have generally tackled the difficult problem of economic, social and environmental viability. We see their approach as based … Continue reading

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From loyalty points to community currency: releasing value for the local economy

The development of community loyalty points, which aim to give a leg-up to people living on the poverty line, is picking up momentum with two proof-of-concept projects slated to go live later this summer in Wigan and Hull. The aim … Continue reading

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The Viable Economy serialised – About investment, money, credit and debt.

We continue the serialisation of our intervention, The Viable Economy, this time with just one section, on investment, money, credit and debt. You can download the whole pamphlet as a pdf file, here. If you like it, why not make … Continue reading

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Austerity is a scam but green growth isn’t the answer either.

Yesterday, 3rd December, 2014, The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, made his autumn statement in which he set out the government’s plans on the economy. He confirmed that a Tory government will continue to cut public spending in … Continue reading

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Where will the money come from? Endogenous economic development for the viable economy.

Some supporters would like more information about how a regional viable economy might work and how to make it happen. Mark Burton explores here the theory of endogenous (local) economic development and possibilities for funding a viable economy. These include … Continue reading

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A more local economy

How do we shift the Manchester economy to one “where people can thrive without harming the planet”?  Not everyone yet accepts the idea that economic growth cannot go on forever, although they might understand that we are using more of … Continue reading

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Money as a social construct and public good

Money as a social construct and public good | British Politics and Policy at LSE. The above is a short link to a short article by Ann Pettifor (one of the New Green Deal authors) which summarises the argument of her … Continue reading

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Local authority banks – the door is open! | NewStart

See this: Local authority banks – the door is open! | NewStart.  New municipal banks: what do you say Manchester and neighbours? also see How to set up a local bank.  

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