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Care, community and contribution in the viable economy

What will communities look like in a viable economy, how will we care for one another?  We have a range of thoughts and feelings and are curious to know whether they resonate with yours.  We are scared about how the … Continue reading

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Payday lending and the need for community banking

Carl Packman, a writer on the growth of payday lending introduced a discussion on Wednesday under the auspices of Manchester’s Social Action Research Foundation (SARF) Ironically Carl’s recent book (“Payday Lending: Global Growth of the High­‐Cost Credit Market”) costs £45, … Continue reading

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The return of growth? Some critical perspectives – including our own.

You can’t have missed the headlines. The UK economy has returned to growth so we can all sigh with relief. Those doomsayers like us in Steady State Manchester who suggested that the motor was broken are wrong…. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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40 people all concentrating on an economics lecture!

Nearly forty people participated in a day workshop, Towards a Sustainable Economic System on Tuesday 23rd July in central Manchester facilitated by James Medway and Stephen Reid from the London based New Economics Foundation. The day was organised by an … Continue reading

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Book Review: Where Does Money Come From? A guide to the UK monetary and banking system.

Where Does Money Come From?  A guide to the UK monetary and banking system. Second Edition. by Josh Ryan-Collins, Tony Greenham, Richard Werner and Andrew Jackson. Reviewed for SSM by Justin Hellings One of the things that always bothered me … Continue reading

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▶ Working less for economic, social and ecological wellbeing

▶ Audioboo / Would the world be better if we worked less?. Nice to hear some coverage of this on today’s Radio 4 Today programme:  Andrew Simms from nef.  Shorter hours is one of the ideas we present in In … Continue reading

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