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Having Enough Good Food for the Manchester Region; who we need to influence and what we need to do, to multiply our impact?

Twenty three people came together at a workshop organised by Steady State Manchester (SSM) on Saturday 18th October. In a spirit of shared learning participants generated priorities about WHO we need to influence and WHAT we need to do, to … Continue reading

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Germany: a case study in the post-growth economy?

We can’t possibly do without economic growth! This is the mantra repeated by the political and economic establishment, from the far right to the Trade Union movement’s leadership. This claim we know to be illiterate in terms of social welfare, … Continue reading

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Why Manchester City Council Should be Banking on Something Better

Part of the transition to a steady state economy requires maximizing the opportunities for local economies to invest in themselves, specifically in socially useful, equitable and resilience building enterprises. SSM also believes Local Government will play a key role in … Continue reading

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Manchester City Council passes resolution on sustainable food.

Food is something that brings together a variety of issues connecting the economy, the environment and everyone’s well-being.  Under the present austerity policies, the injustices of the food system are obvious, with thousands reliant on charitable food banks, struggling, in … Continue reading

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Manchester City Council’s Budget Cuts Consultation

Introduction These are very difficult times for Manchester people and for our council.  In this long post we 1) offer Manchester citizens a model letter to send in response to the council’s consultation on how to deal with the Tory-led … Continue reading

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If it snowed solidly for a week in #Manchester, what would you do?

Weird weather has become normal. The hottest this, the driest that, the wettest other. We’re not predicting that there will be a week of snowing in Manchester this winter. But we do reckon it would be irresponsible not to be … Continue reading

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