Policies for our region.

Policies for Greater Manchester: Treading Lightly for Shared Prosperity

This page brings together our work on policies for the Greater Manchester City Region.  These fit within the general framework that we have arrived out, now available in our updated pamphlet The Viable Economy … and Society, 2020.

Our core concern is to explore and promote policies and practices that help society and economy in Greater Manchester meet the key challenges of climate change and environmental destruction, as well as inequality and economic vulnerability.
Among other things what we are saying is:

  • Reduce energy use and switch to clean energy.

  • Stop trying to compete and instead re-localise the economy and build on the resilient bits of society and economy.

  • Do better than trickle-down by harnessing the power and influence of local institutions (as employers, as purchasers) and by taking control of finance in the region.

  • Build community, both socially and economically.

Our policy pamphlet

bees-cover-pcr-picThe full, 30 page version, fully referenced with explanations for our policy priorities and ideas. Policies for the City Region.

March, 2017



drawing-1 The short, 4 page version.  Policies for the City Region: Treading Lightly for Shared Prosperity.

January, 2017


Working Paper
So What Would You Do? An Alternative Strategy for the City Region.  November, 2016



Paper on Housing
Housing in the Viable Economy
October, 2016

A short reading list of critical resources on city-regional and other localised economies.
December, 2016

Response to the consultation on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework
Read as blog post OR download as pdf
December, 2016

Earlier work
The Viable Economy, a pamphlet presenting an integrated approach to economic, social and ecological well-being.  November, 2014  Now superseded by The Viable Economy … and Society, 2020.

In Place of Growth: Practical steps to a Manchester where people thrive without harming the planet.  November, 2012

Living Well: Practical Solidarity and Steady State Economics.  November, 2012.

Other work may be found on our Publications page.