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We plan to run some live events in 2023.  Come back here to check, or subscribe to our email updates.  If you’ve ideas about the kind of event you’d like to attend, then do let us know.


Other events of interest

The Interoceanic Corridor–Fighting Infrastructure Megaprojects in the South

Manchester, 23 February, 19:00 – 21:30.

Film and speaker from Oaxaca State, Mexico.   Yard Theatre Hulme.
Invasive infrastructures have allowed colonial powers to extract resources and accumulate excessive wealth. This model of industrialisation, extraction, and assimilation of existing ways of life continues through mega-corridors being constructed across the world.
Hear about the Interoceanic Corridor Project in southern Mexico, what Britain has to do with it, its possible harmful impacts and the proposals that local Indigenous peoples have instead!
With Miguel Ángel García Aguirre from the Mexican non-profit organisation Maderas del Pueblo.   Booking link (Event Brite)

9th International Degrowth Conference, Zagreb.

Conference website link HERE.

Conference logo

Find out more below or at the above links.

After the Hague, Manchester, Malmö, Budapest, Leipzig, Venice, Barcelona and Paris, the 9th International Degrowth Conference is taking place in Zagreb in 2023.

It will sit at the heart of a broader Zagreb Degrowth Week, a free arts and conviviality festival realised in cooperation with neighbouring capitals like Ljubljana, Budapest, Vienna and Belgrade. It will bring together activists, artists, academics, practitioners, political representatives, and the general public in presenting alternative readings of the most recent global shocks and possible pathways to care and resilience, free from the unreflexive imperative of growth for growth’s sake. Participants’ co-creation of a degrowth understanding of the tracks that led to the present calamitous predicament, and the just and environmentally sound ways away from it will be the common aim for the conference gathering. 

Zagreb in 2023, like Europe in 2023, like the world at the tail end of this generation’s pandemic is a city reinventing itself for a safer and kinder, even if precarious and climate-constrained century. At the periphery of overdeveloped Europe, we’ve experienced the second shockwave of this century, a worldwide economic and cultural stop-and-think, and will come together to debate and experience how not to falsely fix up the idol of neoliberalism for another decade of extractive oppression and ecological devastation. Our degrowth, post-growth, essential workers, climate justice, zero carbon, school strikes, just transition guests are coming with plans, ideas and strategies on how to build a believable future. We welcome them with open arms and ears, ready to show them how – between the drying Mediterranean and the flooding Central Europe, between ageing north and migrating south, between socialist plan and capitalist extraction – we are building a future we can believe in. 

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