SSM events

Bring and share event:
Objects for a Viable Economy and Society. 
21 Sept.

This event is part of our AGM.  see below for sign-up
We encourage everyone to bring an object and show it to the other participants, in turn. Then speak for a minute on how, for you, it embodies a key aspect of what the Viable Economy and Society is all about. It could be anything that you think is appropriate, a picture, a book, something you made, something you bought or borrowed, or were given, or found….
Tuesday 21st September, 2021 7.00 pm. Online.
This is a members’ event but you  are welcome to take part in the bring and share activity.  If you’d like to join SSM, you can do so here  If you’d like to come along (for the sharing event and as an observer for the formal business) email us and we’ll send you a link.

Other events of interest

Building Alternative Livelihoods
in times of ecological and political crisis

What was originally conceived as the 7th International Degrowth Conference took place as the Innternational Conference on Degrowth and Ecological Economics, virtually, 5th – 8th JULY 2021.  It was a partnership between the Degrowth and Research networks, the International and European Societies for Ecological Economics, University of Manchester and Steady State Manchester.

Videos of the plenary sessions and abstracts book are available at the Conference Website

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